New lands of light

COLOMBIA, tierra de luz, (land of light) consists in a series of symbolic acts of support for victims of violence and those who are displaced in different parts of Colombia, through the medium of photography and art. It is a voice which confronts all the silence and lack of interest in those that have been marginalised and affected by the armed conflict after more than half a century.

The results achieved during the pilot intervention in Santa Rita, as previously described, and the inspirational response of the displaced villagers and experts who were consulted led to the creation of this artistic and social project which seeks to bring about changes and to be the foundations for a better tomorrow.

The selection of locations for the intervention reflects Colombia's rich variety of multicultural groups, regions, landscapes, climate, historical context, traditions and celebrations, geopolitics, as well as social problems and different armed groups.

For this project, Colombia is divided into 6 regions:

- Atlantic Coast (Bahía Portete, Guajira and El Retén, Magdalena)
- Pacific Coast (Cuquí, Chocó)
- The three mountain ranges (cordilleras) or strategic routes: Central Cordillera (Arboleda, Caldas), Cordillera Occidental (El Naya o Toribío, Cauca) and Cordillera Oriental (Betoyes, Arauca)
- Rainforest Area (Orinoquia y Amazonía)
- Main cities or urban areas (La Sierra, Medellin and Cazucá, Bogota)
- Marsh system (Santa Rita, Magdalena)

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* Graphics: Yadira Milena Silgado

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